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ex-Corporate Life

I am trained as a Computer Engineer, and I transited into hospitality after catching the travel bug.

But now I am back in tech again! Here is my journey:

I was the Director of Sales and Marketing at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, based out of Jakarta.

I was also on my career track, training as a Hotel Manager. 

At the same time, I was the champion for B2B programs for Southeast Asian hotels.

This was my last corporate role before Solve Education! happened.

Starwood has now merged with Marriott hotels.


I supported and trained Starwood Hotels & Resorts' properties globally for Revenue Management Systems.

I was living out of my suitcase, travelling 3 weeks out of 4 per month, travelling the world. I am incredibly grateful for this experience that opened my eyes to the world.


I was the Complex Director of Revenue Management for W and Sheraton Maldives.

It was a great experience managing the top 15 properties for Starwood Asia Pacific.


I started my career in hospitality in Thailand as a Revenue Manager at Sheraton Krabi.


I started my career as a Software Engineer and then as a Bid Engineer with Steria. And thanks to this experience, my first job out of school had me based out of Paris, France, then Singapore.


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