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My great grandfather migrated from Fujian, Southern China with almost nothing. My grandfather started his own business as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician. My father started his own ERP software company.

So it is no surprise that both my sister and I are now entrepreneurs.

This journey is certainly not easy, but it has definitely been rewarding and fun at the same time.

Here are some formal businesses that I have founded. As for the other informal businesses... I am more than happy to share over a cup of coffee - or diet coke (as I don't drink coffee) ;-).

Beary Good Ventures (2017-Present):

Beary Good Ventures is a well-established brand in the market with a strong base of loyal customers. It owns and operates a multi award winning hostel, that recently qualified for Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame after earning a Certificate of Excellence every year for the past five years, with guests from over 50 countries. 

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SNV Vending (2005-2013):
SNV operated vending machines across Singapore, including high profile locations like Parliament House, Nanyang Technological University, Capitaland Malls.

Dental Management System (2004-2005):
Dental Management System that graphically captures and stores teeth health and works.

Colour Me Beautiful (2003-2005):
Colour Me Beautiful is a talent management company for beauty professionals (including makeup artists, manicurists, hair stylists). Featured in Seventeen magazine.

Charmed Studio (2003-2004):

A one-stop shop beauty centre

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