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Art Dabbler

I love to draw and paint, but unfortunately I don't get to do it as often as I would like. I don't claim to be an artist, at most I am an artist wannabe :) 

I am most influenced by local art, culture, history - with a dash of cheekiness and oh, also Picasso.

Live with no excuses
Travel with no regrets

After an intense couple of weeks, I blew off some steam by painting over the weekend. It's my first attempt at cubism.


Following where light falls, the cubes are painted with a colour that is part of the adjacent cubes. (2017)

Oh and yes, my husband and I are also now proud owners of #bearybesthostel. Though it is mostly Pierre who is working his ass off :))

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 The aim is to do a "Belgian" themed table for Pierre. (2016)


This is inspired by Pierre's comfort food and almost only found in Belgium - the Sirop de Liege (influenced by Andy Warhol).


It is painted in monochrome to match the theme of our apartment in Sydney. We have added our own brand of cheekiness with "Ceci nest pas du sirop" (influenced by René Magritte- who is Belgian too!)

Aboriginal art, inspired by the beautiful country we were living in - Australia (2016).


In Monochrome.


The turtle is a reflection of Pierre, who is calm and gentle, and the dots around the turtle are representative of the sea.


The iguana is a reflection of me, cheeky and impatient, and the circles around the iguana are representative of trees (think when you cut the tree trunk)

Pierre is a huge Picasso fan, so I attempted a version of Marie Therese myself. (2012)

The ottoman is also made by us. (2016)

The other bedside table, reflecting my heritage. I have painted the classic Peranakan tiles onto the night table, with the motifs melting down the sides of the table - like how Dali like to do.

Collaborative art with other street artists in Sydney. (2015)

I drew Che Guevara and Pierre drew Lee Kwan Yew.

I figured that if Che were alive today, he would be more than happy to stand up with LGBTQ rights too.

Beary Nice is our capsule pod hostel.

As it is located in Chinatown, we have selected red as the main colour - which is the auspicious colour for the Chinese.

The logo is a derivation of the Chinese character "Bear".

I made wire mesh clouds, to add an extra touch - and to add a hint of cheekiness.

I always have a fascination and appreciation of the Chinese character - so I did the evolution of the Chinese character: Bear.

I also used the existing fixtures and incorporated them as part of the art. So here, I've used the fire bell pipe as the timeline.

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